Friday, 15 March 2013

Matrix and Voxbone complete Interoperability test for Voice Services

Matrix Comsec, manufacturer of IP-PBXs and VoIP-GSM Gateways announced the successful completion of interoperability testing with
Voxbone, a market leader in providing worldwide geographical, toll-free and iNum telephone numbers.

Matrix’s IP Phone Systems, VoIP Gateways and Adaptors are ideal IP telephony solutions for SMB users that wish to compete and grow their businesses over time. SIP trunking has been offering dramatic reduction in cost over traditional digital telephony services. This interoperability will offer robust, feature-rich solution to branch and remote offices for cost-effective deployments.

"By combining the services offered by both the companies, the users can built a strong communication base while simultaneously managing the costs of such communication services,” said Manager - Marketing, Mr. Sajeev Nair - Telecom Products. “Matrix works with our partners to ensure reliable and high-quality solutions that meet our customer requirements.”

Matrix Certifies Interoperability of Grandstream IP-DECT Phones with NAVAN CNX200 and ETERNITY IP-PBXs

Matrix Comsec and Grandstream networks jointly announced the successful completion of interoperability between Matrix NAVAN and ETERNITY range of IP-PBXs and Grandstream cordless DP715/710 IP-DECT phones. Matrix is a manufacturer of IP phone systems and VoIP-GSM gateways and Grandstream networks is a leading manufacturer of IP voice/video telephony and IP video surveillance solutions.

In today’s highly mobile and dynamic work environment, employees spend most of the time working away from their desks. Due to such workplaces, employees often face disconnect with co-workers for important business communication, resulting in loss of business opportunities. The interoperability of Matrix IP phone systems with Grandstream cordless IP-DECT phones provides freedom to roam anywhere inside the office and still be reachable to co-workers.

Grandstream DP715/710 cordless IP-DECT phones offer industry’s best wireless VoIP solutions with excellent voice quality, affordability and wide indoor/outdoor radio coverage for mobile communications. The plug-n-play installation and wire-free operation eliminates the need for physical wiring on user desks. With tight integration of Matrix NAVAN CNX200 and ETERNITY IP-PBX features, Grandstream IP-DECT users can connect as cordless extension of the system and access range of call management features of IP-PBX systems such as call pick-up, transfer, forward, conference, voice mail and many more while working from anywhere inside the office building, campus or cafeteria. 

“Matrix and Grandstream have worked together in the past to offer innovative technology and business solutions to deliver high customer value. Interoperability with Grandstream DECT phones will enable Matrix partners to offer wireless office solutions and differentiate against competition,” said Sajeev Nair, Matrix Marketing Manager – Telecom Products.

Thursday, 7 February 2013

Matrix’s Time-Attendance Solution Installed at Aujan Industries Co., Saudi Arabia

Matrix Comsec is proud to announce the installation of its Time-Attendance solution at Aujan Industries Co., Saudi Arabia. The project was successfully executed by Matrix’s partner in KSA region – ITRADS. With the successful implementation of the first phase, Aujan Industries Co. now look forward to install Matrix’s revolutionary product Palm Vein Reader – COSEC DOOR PVR in the next phase at its factory premises.

Matrix to Assist Hikvision in Increasing Productivity

Matrix Comsec has won a prestigious order from Hikvison to provide them with a centralized Time-Attendance solution for 22 locations across India. Matrix’s strong channel network with local support PAN India resulted in its selection by Hikvision. Matrix has integrated its Time-Attendance solution with Hikvision DVR to provide Time-Stamping feature (the camera connected to the DVR takes a snapshot of the person trying to access the door and generates a report based on photographs) and in-all provide a comprehensive solution for Hikvision’s business needs.

Sterling Wilson Trusts Matrix Again for Time-Attendance Solution!!!

Matrix has successfully provided a complete Time-Attendance solution to Sterling and Wilson by installing more than 150 units of Time-Attendance terminals across India’s west zone. The Matrix solution allowed them to centrally manage all their remote sites from one location using wireless connectivity. Being extremely satisfied with the service and solution of Matrix, Sterling and Wilson has decided to automate and manage Time-Attendance of its remaining locations across India with 300 more terminals.

Monday, 17 December 2012

Matrix Comsec certifies interoperability of SURiX IP Door Phone with its range of IP-PBXs

Matrix Comsec, the leading manufacturer of IP-PBXs, VoIP Gateways, IP Phones and SURiX, the leader in advanced door phone systems development in Latin America, jointly announced the interoperability.

As part of the strategic focus on offering security using IP telephony, Matrix announces interoperability of SURiX make SIP VoIP door phone with its range of IP-PBXs. With this specific interoperability initiative, Matrix aims to offer more security accessories alternatives to customers and strengthen its presence in telephony solution market.

“Matrix has developed a fine range of IP-PBXs, to further increase customer value and to enhance companies’ security, we have identified the need to offer more purchase alternatives of IP door phone” said Ruchir Talati, Product Manager – Enterprise Phone Systems for Matrix. “SURiX being a premium door phone manufacturer and having a good market reach is the most suitable partner for integration with Matrix range of IP-PBXs.”

“This integration will build a comprehensive, reliable and value-for-money solution for our customers. Security is our focus area and we are committed to design and deliver value for money solutions for our customers. This endeavor is one more step towards the fulfillment of the extended commitment to our customers.” Ruchir Talati concluded.

SURiX's IP Access is a full SIP VoIP door phone that can be used to increase companies' security and to provide more effective visitor screening and enable users to open a door from any extension of the Matrix IP-PBX. Additionally, it can be programmed to call a SIP phone through Matrix IP-PBX, making it ideal for long distance communication.

"The combination of SURiX and Matrix IP-PBX will allow customers to seamlessly integrate a door phone with an IP telephony system, maximizing ease of use and efficiency," explained Sergio Starkloff, CEO of SURiX. "Users can now avoid complicated solutions of a physical wired door phone. Today, the solution is simple and having plug-and-play installation."

This interoperability will offer customers a wider choice to buy a reliable, feature rich and value for money IP telephony system. Matrix IP-PBX users will also get an alternative to select compatible IP door phone from the exclusive range of SURiX SIP VoIP door phones.

Matrix Comsec certifies Enjay’s Business Telephony Integration solutions for its ETERNITY range of IP Phone Systems and VoIP Gateways

Enjay IT Solutions is a specialist in delivering Next Generation IT solutions for SMB and SME. Matrix Comsec is the leading manufacturer of IP Servers, VoIP Gateways and IP Phones. The Integration team at Matrix has tested and certified the Enjay Synapse from Enjay as the fully compatible and integrated Business Telephony Integration solutions for its ETERNITY range of IP Phone Systems and VoIP Gateways.

The global customer base of Matrix VoIP solutions range from leading manufacturing enterprises, corporate and hotels to various size call centers. Business telephony integration with the IT is the need of the hour. Hence, to further strengthen the position in the SMB and SME industry, Matrix recently tested and integrated the range of VoIP gateways with the BTI solutions from Enjay.  

“This integration makes Enjay Synapse capable to integrate with PSTN, ISDN T1/E1/PRI, IP and GSM networks. It also provides connectivity to analog, digital and IP phones.  Now, Matrix users can avail unique BTI solutions offering from Enjay such as software pop-up, Click to dial, Call logs etc. and in turn enhance customer experience and increase employee productivity.” Said Sajeev Nair, Product Manager – Telecom at Matrix.

“Enjay is pleased to partner with Matrix. This move will enable Enjay Synapse users to maximize the benefits of advanced IP technology using ETERNITY IP-PBX.  Matrix users can expect to achieve the best performance from ETERNITY IP systems with unique BTI solutions form Enjay and earn manifold returns on their Enjay Synapse investment” said Limesh Parekh, CEO at Enjay.